Luiza Kurzyna
Fruit Fight
(installation at GIAF)You are what you eat (sketch)Birth of Venus (Coney Island)Look Don't Look/ Excavation
(Fort Tilden/Outer Banks)Sunny (The giant)Mourning SunSoraya's Sun (in the studio)Soraya's Sun (in the living room)Swingin'Worm/WarmSwallowCuddle Monster (Artspace Hartford June 2012)Cuddle Monster (Emilee in Disguise)Garlic/ Ping PongChompy (Champ)The NestLong Distance
(hanging)Long Distance (Artspace, Hartford)Long Distance (Stage 1)
Gutsy the GourdThe cordGila GloveDouble Bloom (Glove)Finger ConnectionsHead in the CloudsWarmer (Platypus)Hanging ColonyTouchablesBumpy and BumpyBumpy
Soft Sculpture